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“Vegan” and “plant-based” claims: risk implications for milk- and egg-allergic consumers in Canada

Dominguez, Silvia / Theolier, Jérémie / Lizée, Kamila / Povolo, Beatrice / Gerdts, Jennifer / Godefroy, Samuel 2023-08-24

Fraud or cross-contamination? The case of small-scale meat processors in Quebec, Canada

Vatin, Gabrielle / Theolier, Jérémie / Dominguez, Silvia / Godefroy, Samuel 2023-08-01

Risk assessment supporting the establishment of a maximum residue limit for ractopamine in beef liver, applicable in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Godefroy, Samuel / Dominguez, Silvia / Theolier, Jérémie 2022-12-12

Allergen management under a voluntary PAL regulatory framework – A survey of Canadian food processors

Dominguez, Silvia / Theolier, Jérémie / Povolo, Beatrice / Gerdts, Jennifer / Godefroy, Samuel 2022-11-01

Spent fowl as a source of unintentional egg proteins exposure in Canadian food products

Theolier, Jérémie / Vatin, Gabrielle / Barrere, Virginie / Dominguez, Silvia / Godefroy, Samuel 2022-09-01

Allergen action levels for food industries as risk management tools for a better use of precautionary Allergen labelling

Manny, Émilie / Dominguez, Silvia / Barrere, Virginie / Theolier, Jérémie / Godefroy, Samuel 2022-05-01

Validation of the RIDASCREEN® Peanut for Determination of Peanut Protein in Cookies, Milk Chocolate, Ice Cream, Trail Mix, Puffed Rice Cereals, and Granola Bar: AOAC Performance Tested MethodSM 112102

Lacorn, Markus / Dubois, Tina / Gößwein, Christian / Kredel, Rebecca / Ferkinghoff, Bianca / Brunelle, Sharon / Theolier, Jérémie / Dominguez, Silvia / Weiss, Thomas 2021-12-16

Sesame as an allergen in Lebanese food products: Occurrence, consumption and quantitative risk assessment

Touma, Joseph / Dominguez, Silvia / La Vieille, Sébastien / Remington, Benjamin / Baumert, Joe / Theolier, Jérémie / Godefroy, Samuel 2021-09-01