Food fraud takes a prominent place in food policy for Canada

Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Ms. Bibeau at McEwan University: Canada tackles Food Fraud and provides funding for Food Inspection Agency to develop detection methods to ensure a better protection to the consumers. A reminder that on last July 9, several thousand tons of falsified honey were removed from the market in Canada

We must celebrate this investment made by the federal government to fight food fraud.

Developing methods is one thing, but it will also need to ensure their validation at the country level and their application in all cases of fraud.

We do not know yet whether the CFIA will invest to develop targeted detection methods (which looks for an adulterant in particular) or if the agency aims at the more expensive and longer development of non-targeted methods (techniques that tells if a product is suspect, ie, if it does not match any profile of the same food already referenced). The PARERA platform wishes to provide support to the CFIA in developing, optimizing and implementing these detection methods.

The agency will also have to invest in supporting agribusiness stakeholders in the management of food fraud and also the interpretation of detection results.

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