Emilie Manny and the Centre Déclic present the conference "Fraude au Menu" in Montréal

Our PhD student Emilie Manny presented for the first time the conference "Fraud on the Menu" with the Centre Déclic at the Parc Extension library in Montreal on February 13th. Congrats Emilie !!!!!

Link to the conference on the centre Déclic website chere

The Déclic center in partnership with the PARERA platform presented the conference "Fraude Au Menu" which this time was moderated by Renaud Manuguerra-Gagné and our PhD student Emilie Manny who answered his questions. Many curious people flocked to the Parc Extension library in Montrél on February 13 to find out more and understand what food fraud is.

We hope to have new rehearsals of this conference soon.

Photo credit: Julie Lavigne (Centre Déclic)