New case of fish fraud in Canada (this time in Ontario)

Fraud related to fish identification is a complex case. Dr. Hanner's team at the University of Guelph has studied 203 fish samples sold in Ontario and found that almost one-third of them were mislabelled. The research team proposes different avenues to explain these results. The first explanation is the intention of people to earn more money either from outside of Canada (imported fish) or in Canada. Then, these cases may also be due to the difficulty of recognizing one species of fish from another (for non-experts) especially when the fish are in the form of fillets. Then, the fish name that is put on the label brings another difficulty. One should know that for example the United States and Canada do not always use the same common name for the same fish, which can lead to confusion. In conclusion, Prof. Hanner adds that these cases reflect a certain lack of control over the supply chain, which may also suggest underlying problems with the safety of these fish.


Scientific Article (not in open access)